Weight Loss - The Importance of Resistance Training

Weight loss can be a challenge for many people and they are not helped by the fact that they often do the wrong things in an attempt to drop the pounds. In large part this is because they are given bad advice by the weight loss industry. Everybody is selling the latest weight loss miracle product and leading people down blind alleys in an attempt to make a quick buck. Exercise is one of the areas in which people frequently follow bad advice. Resistance training is essential to weight loss, it is very difficult to lose weight without adding muscle.

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Muscle burns fat, most weight loss experts will tell you that at some point in time. Strictly speaking muscle doesn't burn fat it burns sugar just like everything else in the body. However the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn. Your body will convert the foods you eat into sugars which are what power everything in the body, this includes your muscles. Any of those sugars that aren't required by your body will be stored as fat for future usage. The body does this so that it has an emergency reserve of fuel in the event that you stop eating.

Most of us eat more food than we actually need for normal functioning which is why most of us are fat. There are two ways that we can prevent that extra food from being stored as fat. One is to do lots of cardio in order to use those extra calories up, the other is to add more muscle so that our body burns more calories. The advantage of adding muscle is that it will use up those calories twenty four hours a day, where as cardio will only burn calories while you are exercising. This is why people say that weight training will increase your metabolism.

Adding muscle does not require you to become huge or some muscle bound freak. In fact you can add a lot of muscle without actually bulking up. It is also not necessary to buy a home gym or health club membership, one of the most effective ways to add muscle is with body weight exercises. Push-ups, pull-ups and similar type exercises can form the core of a very effective fitness program. One thing to remember is that muscle weighs more than fat for the same volume, therefore you may lose fat but your weight may not go down. Use the fit of your clothes as a guide to your progress rather than the number on the scale.

Losing weight does not have to as complicated as a lot of people often make it. Exercise and proper diet are the keys to effective weight loss. Just remember that proper exercise means resistance training, it is the fastest way to lose weight.

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