The Use of Tea For Weight Loss

One of the latest trends in weight loss is the use of tea. These dieters teas are sold under all kinds of different names but they are all basically the same. They can help you to lose weight but they also have the potential to harm you. This is primarily because the teas are basically laxatives.

These dieters teas contain natural laxatives which can help you to lose weight. The problem is that the weight you lose isn't fat. The most common result of these teas is diarrhea. Most of the weight lost as a result of diarrhea is water. The loss of water weight is only temporary as the water will soon be replaced. Any weight loss program should focus on fat loss not the loss of water weight.

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The reason that laxatives don't result in the loss of fat is that they work on the large intestine. Most of your digestion occurs in your small intestine, by the time food reaches the large intestine most of the calories have already been absorbed by your body. The large intestine is basically where the waste goes on its way out.

If you take enough laxatives it is possible that fat absorption can be affected. The result of this can be the loss of weight but there are serious health consequences to excessive use of laxatives. People with bulimia and anorexia frequently abuse laxatives in an attempt to lose weight. They inevitably suffer serious health problems as a result.

The health problems that can result from the overuse of laxatives include damage to the gastro-intestinal tract and a weakening of the bones. Your body will also not absorb all of the nutrients that you consume which can result in a deficiency in both vitamins and minerals. You may also experience nausea, vomiting, rectal bleeding and dehydration if you overuse laxatives.

One of the dangers of dieters teas is the way that they are labeled. Invariably they are described as natural cleansers rather than as laxatives. The result is that a lot of people don't realize that these teas are basically laxatives.

Dieters teas have become one of the newest trends in weight loss. A lot of people view these products as a quick way to lose weight. The problem is that in small amounts they only result in the loss of water weight, in large amounts they pose serious health risks. The best bet is to just avoid them altogether, there are more effective ways to lose weight.

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