Weight Loss Without Dieting - 6 Ways to Increase Your Metabolism

We all want to be naturally slim with easy weight loss, never having to worry about eating too much or gaining weight, but sadly many of us gain weight too easily, or try low calories diets for fast weight loss, which only decrease our sluggish metabolisms.

The metabolism is the rate at which out body burns the food we eat, this can vary from person to person, causing varying degrees of weight loss, but there are ways to increase your natural metabolic rate.

Step 1: Eat regularly

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The trick to maintaining a healthy metabolism is eating regular meals, don't allow yourself to go hungry to try and lose weight. This will cause your body to go into starvation mode, lowering your metabolism and requiring you eat less to maintain your weight and much less for weight loss.

Try and eat small meals every 4 hours, and keep a close eye on your hunger. Big meals will slow you down, so keep them small and regular.

Step 2: Exercise

If you can manage it, exercise is by far the best way to increase your metabolism and lose weight. Put simply, exercise will build and maintain muscle, the more muscle you have the more calories you burn while both exercising and relaxing, so the more you will need to eat to maintain your weight and the easier weight loss will be.

Try a combination of aerobic (running, cycling, swimming, etc) and non-aerobic (weights, stretching, yoga etc) to reach your full muscle potential, in the long run this will ensure consistent weight loss, without much trouble.

Step 3: Learn how to respect food

Food should not be feared, it is not the enemy, so take some time to learn food respect, like eating only when you are hungry, stopping before you get full and taking time to taste the food you are eating.

Step 4: Eat Protein

Eat more protein than carbohydrates, as protein is burnt off quicker without slowing you down, which is great for both metabolism and weight loss, however it won't provide the same long lasting energy of a carbohydrate.

Choose lean meats like chicken, fish and calcium rich dairy products as your protein source, high fat will increase your calorific intake, making it harder to lose weight,.

Step 5: Make your body work harder

If your everyday environment is at the optimum temperature, neither hot nor cold, then your body isn't working very hard to maintain its core body temperature, once in a while it can be helpful to go for a sauna or a cold shower, as both hot and cold have been shown to increase metabolism temporarily and help with weight loss.

Your body needs to work harder to keep the temperature constant, meaning you burn more calories, but ensure first that you have are medically healthy.

Step 6: Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can cause you to have a slower metabolism, higher cortisol levels, and higher insulin levels, all leading to more calories, more fat and a slower metabolism. This can seriously impact your weight loss plans.

So allow yourself to get at least 6 hours a night, but up to 8 if you need it.

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