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There are a lot of weight loss programs out there, all promising that they have the key to successful weight loss. Most of these programs will help you to lose weight, the problem is that most people will quickly regain the weight. This is great for the diet industry, they'll just sell you the next latest and greatest weight loss program.

The problem with most weight loss programs is that they are so restrictive that nobody could possible stick with them. How long do you really think you could stay on a diet that requires you to eat the same thing everyday? As soon as you go off of the diet you immediately start to regain the weight. This is the dreaded yo-yo dieting that people always talk about. You start a diet, lose some weight, the diet ends and the weight comes back so you start another diet.

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The ideal way to lose weight is to not diet at all. We need to change our lifestyle rather than going on a diet. We need to make healthy eating a part of daily life and we need to do it in a way that we can stick to it. Healthy eating and exercise need to become part of our daily life, not something that we do on a temporary basis when our jeans don't fit.

The only way that we're going to have a healthy lifestyle is if we are realistic about it. Moderation is the key here. There is no way that anybody is going to stick to an extreme diet for the rest of their lives. We need a diet that allows us to eat a wide variety of foods, including junk food. We need to make healthy choices most of the time while still allowing ourselves a treat every now and again.

The same moderation applies to exercise, if you plan three hour workouts, five days a week you will quickly find yourself skipping workouts. The same is true of intense workouts that leave you stiff for a week afterwards. Short workouts that you enjoy are far more realistic life style choices than trying to follow the workout program of an Olympic athlete.

Moderation is the key to everything, we're not going on a diet, we are making lifestyle changes. Rather than listening to all the so called experts and their ridiculous weight loss programs try making realistic choices. You will have a much better chance of losing weight and keeping it off.

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